We sell heavy duty warehouse racks in Malaysia which are designed to meet products and materials storage requirements. They are highly resistant that come with supreme load-bearing and free from corrosion. The racks are made from durable metals and are suitable for heavy duty use. Our racks are available in customised and standard designs. You might have to remember a few considerations when choosing a heavy duty rack in Malaysia before you decide to buy a warehouse racking system. The racks should be smooth and sturdy. Our metal shelves are powder coated which would not harm workers or staff that are working.

In addition, they are also durable and will help to protect your cargo and products. Don’t worry as we at Nation Racking System (M) Sdn Bhd offer with fully metal and powder coated warehouse racking system. Our racks are easily installed and height adjustment is easily customized to customer needs. Moreover, the overall rack system is secure and stable when more load is added to the racks. Call us now as we are the top warehouse racking supplier in Malaysia.